Gastvortrag „Photography, Agency and Space in Transnational Families“

Wir freuen uns, Patricia Pietro Blanco (NUI Galway) auf Einladung des Instituts für Publizistik- und Kommunikationswissenschaft sowie des Forschungsschwerpunkts „Visual Studies“  in Wien zu einem Gastvortrag zu begrüßen:

PHOTOGRAPHY, AGENCY AND SPACE IN TRANSNATIONAL FAMILIES. A Case Study of Spanish-Irish Families living in Ireland.

WEDNESDAY, 3 JUNE 2015, 18.00 – 19.00

Room 7.03, 7th floor at the Department of Communication – 1090, Währingerstraße 29.

We take selfies, photograph our lunches, and use cameras as note‐taking devices. As our lives play out before us, we choose to give visual account of our intimate moments, anticipating the reaction of our family and friends. We share these snapshots immediately with them, some of whom live far away from us, thereby establishing ephemeral connections. The talk unfolds an empiric investigation done with Spanish-Irish families in relation to the following research question: How do transnational families use photographs?

In order to explore the acts of sharing photographs, Patricia Pietro Blanco proposes to work with the concept of affordances alongside the concept of performatives.

The methods put in place, the position of the researcher (also a Spanish migrant living in Ireland) and the ethical implications derived, serve both to provide the necessary critical distance for the analysis as well as to introduce a second key question in this paper: how can we discuss personal photography without giving something of ourselves into the text? The narrative crafted in the talk intends to offer a provisional answer.

Patricia Pietro Blanco is a Spanish media researcher. After graduating in Audiovisual Communication in Madrid, she moved to Germany to complete her Masters in Media Studies at the Ruhr University. She is now based at the Huston School of Film and Digital Media at the National University of Ireland, Galway. At the moment she is finishing her doctoral research on contemporary photographic practices of transnational families. Her theoretical work has been published in international peer review journals (Convergence and Networking Knowledge), as well as in edited collections in Germany. Her practice‐based research has been showcased in the USA, Japan, Ireland, Spain and the UK.


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