Neu erschienen: „Together While Apart?“


Gemeinsam mit Patricia Prieto-Blanco (University of Brighton) hat Maria Schreiber ein Special Issue des Journals „Networking Knowledge“ herausgegeben; Das Thema des Heftes ist “Together While Apart? Mediating Relationships and Intimacy” – alle Beiträge sind unter diesem Link abrufbar.

Watch the video introduction to the Journal above!

This Special Issue seeks to explore how interpersonal relationships are mediated in contemporary contexts by highlighting emotive dimensions of mediated communication. By featuring theoretical propositions alongside empirical studies on mediations of everyday life, Together while Apart? highlights how mediated interactions are nowadays entangled with emotional processes of socialization and practices of connectivity, which take place within technical infrastructures that might afford or constrain certain practices.

We are proud to present research from a broad variety of cultural contexts, dealing with a range of different relationship practices: parenting in Britain, backpacking Westerners in South-East-Asia, young coupling in Singapore, Trans-experience in the US, performing para-social intimacy through Vine, and, not to be missed: the globally known <3, which French people apparently dislike. Access all Articles here: >>>

Access all video abstracts here:

Table of Content

Together While Apart? Mediating Relationships and Intimacy. An Introduction – by Patricia Prieto-Blanco and Maria Schreiber

Algorithmic love: “Quit playin’ games with my – by Carolina Cambre

“It seems like it has always been with us!”: Introducing media technology into children’s lives and family interpersonal relationship – by Ksenia Frolova

The smartphone’s role in the contemporary backpacking experience – by Everin Silas, Anders Sundnes Løvlie and Rich Ling

Happy #monthsary babe! Vernacular readings and practices of monthsaries among young couplings on social media – by Crystal Abidin

Mediated Storytelling Practices and Productions: Archival Bodies of Affective Evidences – by Jamie A. Lee

‘Let me be your TV’ (Phillips 1996, 1) – by Elke Rentemeister


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